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The Final Year 2017

The end of the year is the only address Barack Obama’s policies in his office last year. Being accessible, never in the White House and existed .
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See full CV YEAR END foreign special issue of foreign president Barack Obama’s policy during the last few years they’ve worked. Had an unprecedented access to the White House and the State Departments, the latest views on the functioning of the internal administration last godaKampramis are after Obamakerana’s ready to leave power for eight years.

A simple movie London businessman,When (Chan) tells the story, turn it soon break into vengeance when the revenge is burnt, the only person left to love him – the daughter of his youth – is a politically motivated sense of violence against him. Forcing the terrorists to be relentless for the identity of the Tsyuankan prisoner and the British government officials (Brosnan), who can retain the elusive identity of the murderer on his own past as well as the clues.

Stubborn young girls in AfghanistanUnder one guise, give it to his family. Executive producer and founder Angelina from Jolie Oscars nominated for the secret of Kells and the song of the sea, reached the long-awaited new feature Deborah Elis.Parvana’s novel is based on a 11-year-old girl under the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, her father was detained, cut Parvana to dress like a dalamperintah hair and a man to help his family. His partner, Shauzia in partnership, found ParvanaA new world of freedom and danger. With an unwanted courage, Parvana draws strength from fantastic stories from which he began his quest for his father and abyadnatssyami. It’s an unbelievable and fascinating breadwinner that encourages animations and hopes to keep up and bring us stories about these glowing stories through the glowing stories.

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