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Unusual behavior is Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers, who travel to the country, to find out about the lack of fatherhood and dark forces. Sam Winchester is a student who is required to become a school law to determine the old family’s escape, opposite, Dean. For a while, my dad has made an obsession with obsession to look for the evil forces he killed his beloved women, to get their jobs and two preparations. Toxicans do not help in revenge. Ordinary huntingas they grew up. Sam was worried about going to college, and nowadays he is happy with his boyfriend, Jessica and his future hopeful work. However, Dean stayed with his father to join his “hunt”. Dean Sam goes help when her father disappears. Now Sam had to find it. John Vinchester is still looking for a quest for search, the worst catastrophe after a sad life after Sam. Both brothers, tragedy and blood theirsThe mission also traveled around the country, in front of the forces and dangerous, many of them aminiwewe superstitions and folklore, as well as a white woman, just like the Indian beast Wendigo, Phantom passengers are known as the cause of an accident flight, Bloody Mary, vampires, demons, and others lots

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