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Auslogics File Recovery 8

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Auslogics File Recovery 8: An effective and easy-to-use program that accidentally deletes the files and files deleted by virus attacks and software crashes.

Features of recovery of Auslogics files

Retrieve any file

Often we delete a file, then erase the trash and lose the file. Software programs sometimes fall during the transaction with a file and can be deletedaccidentally file Viruses are another common cause of data loss. Here is where File Recovery comes to rescue. In this program you can get deleted documents, music, digital photos, applications and all the other files on your hard drive, USB memory or digital camera memory card.

Support for any type of device and devices

Auslogics File Recovery offers a guarantee to recover all types of files of all kinds of media. No program you canRecover deleted files from your PC, external hard drive and USB in a fast and easy way. The program also supports the memory card and camcorder memory card types, so you can also restore any recently deleted photo or movie from your digital camera.

Create an image of your disk

Take advantage of the benefitprogram function that allows you to create a full disk image. The image disk file is the exact image of the logical drive along with all the information contained in thedisk, including deleted files. This option allows you to recover files from the disk image later as you continue to work logically. Having an image of your unit is a good way to back up all the data.

Clean free disk space

Similar to the File Shredder, the Disk Wiper safely removes the files from the disk drive. The difference is that this wizard will erase free disk space, so that the entire file trace is lostdeleted You do not need to choose specific files to delete – the tool that only affects deleted files. Use this feature to make sure that none of your previous removals can be changed from file.

What’s new:

Enhanced functionality;

Fixed everything well known.