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Papers, Please

The file, you must have an unusual game, immigration auditors. Its job is to ensure that all those crossing the border are carrying out certified documents and a legal change of immigration.

Published 1 year ago, 1 year ago, they were released, not too profitable, and funded to make mistakes. How Everyone Works Through Immigration Control, Make sure everything is OK. This will become more difficult as the game progresses, so it will be easy to punishtalking about something Make sure your family feeds and is healthy, so errors can affect them. It is difficult to manage your basic salary, so mistakes must be made by members of the family who need life. What is it that RetroPapers has too much depression, good interface and good control, because the game progresses. The image has a pixelized 8-bit appearance that suits the Soviet game. But the documents are not images or sounds that can be the main attraction.a game It is a game that you think and gives you the idea of ​​choosing between your future immigrants and forcing your family to take care of you.

Is it a bad person? Material, please, it’s not a fun and traditional game. But it is convincing, well-designed and written. Video games are not silent and can be “artistic” evidence, it’s a great thing.