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Only The Brave 2017

Only BraveThe drama is based on an elite team of people who are struggling Yarnell Hill fire, fire in Prescott, Arizona, lit by lightning June 2013 he scored nineteen Prescott firefighters, members of the Granite Mountain HOTSHOTS.

Language: English

Translation: Na

Classification: NA

General Release Date:02listapad 2017

Genre: Drama

Duration: Not available

Distributor: GSC Movies

Starring: Ben Hardy, Jennifer Konnell, Taylor Kitsch, Mayls Teller

Director: Dzhozef Kosinsky

Format: 2D

Based on the true story of HOTSHOTS granite mountains, a group of elite firefighters risk everything to preserve the historicalgradotodlyasny fire.

All men are created then a few become firemen. Only the brave, is based on the true story of Granite Mountain HOTSHOTS, this heroic story of a local fire, that through hope, commitment, dedication and the desire to protect the family, associations, our countryIt has become one of the most elite combat team in the country.
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